How to Clean a Kitchen Faucet Spray Head

Spray headKitchen faucet with spray head is one of the best additions you can add to your kitchen. It mostly comes separate, but with some models, you will have the faucet spray head included in the package. However, the spray head is generally one of the first parts that will be clogged, and all of the holes might not work after a while.

In this article, we have taken a more in-depth look at the spray head to see if it can be cleaned and what are the best methods of cleaning the kitchen faucet spray head. It is worth noting that there are two types of spray heads and you need to determine whether your sprayer head has one piece or two separate pieces as this will decide how you are going to clean it.

Cleaning A Two-Piece Sprayer Head

1. Take the sprayer head apart

If your sprayer head comes in two pieces, you will need to take it apart. The aerator will generally dislodge from the head, and once you have the aerator aside, the cleaning process can start. Be sure to keep all the screws safe, as it can be a real pain to find new screws for attaching it once you are done.

2. Use a brush with mineral deposit cleaner

Mineral deposits will be your worst enemy, and this is one of the main things you need to clean. Having a brush with a mineral deposit cleaner will ensure you can quickly reach in between the grooves and get rid of any debris. Alternatively, the aerator can be soaked in vinegar if you can’t find any cleaner for mineral deposits.

3. Rinse the aerator and the faucet

Once clean, the faucet and the aerator can easily be rinsed with some hot water. The hot water will ensure any of the cleaning agents and the vinegar has been completely removed to ensure that you don’t have any problems later on.

4. Reattached the aerator

Now that everything has been cleaned, the aerator can be reattached, and this will require the same process that you used to dislodge it. Once the aerator has been fitted, you should open the faucet to ensure that it is securely fitted as it could cause some problems if the aerator falls off. It is also worth noting that cleaning it regularly will ensure that you don’t have any pressure buildup and your water pressure will remain the same.

Cleaning A One-Piece Sprayer Head

1. Brush the front of the spray head:

Using your mineral deposit cleaner, you can brush the front of the spray head, and this will loosen all of the grime and limescale. By slightly tilting it backward, the cleaner can easily drip inside to reach some of the limescale and mineral deposits that have been left on the inside.

2. Soak in vinegar

Next, you will place the spray head in water mixed with vinegar and this help to remove some of the leftover lime scale and mineral deposit. You will also be able to add some of the mineral deposit cleaners to the solution to ensure a thorough and effective clean.

3. Rinse and test

The final piece of the puzzle will be to rinse the spray head. This can be done with a little bit of water from a separate source, or you can even turn on the faucet to flush some of the dirt. Doing this will ensure the water flow has been tested and you can see if any damage has been done to the sprayer head.

It is essential to rinse the spray head with clean water as you would like to remove as much of the cleaning agents as possible. This can lead to problems with drinking water, and you might even have some of the chemicals build up and leave you in the same position you were before cleaning the sprayer head.

Thought on Cleaning Kitchen Faucet Spray Head

Keep the spray head on your faucet clean will make a huge difference when it comes to the quality and efficiency. These methods are relatively simple, and they won’t cost you too much either. We would highly recommend using them as they have been tested to be useful, but you might also use other commercial cleaners.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these methods. Let us know in the comment section if you have any other techniques that you have been using and any specific product that you may favor.

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