Eating Healthy In Your Next Camping Trip

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Camping is one of the most exhilarating and exciting ways to spend some quality time with friends and family or even just yourself for that matter. Anyone who has gone camping even once in their life knows the importance of being prepared for the entire trip. Preparing checklists, packing all the essentials and making sure you have everything is a must before hitting the road to venture out into the woods or your favorite camping spot.

Going into the outdoors means a break from the busy schedules and places that we live in. It is a great way to detox and reconnect with nature. Even though this mental detox is one of the best things that one can ask for, most people tend to slack off on the kind of food that they eat when camping. As appealing as carrying a bunch of ready to eat junk food might seem the easiest, it is by no means substantial and will not keep your energy up during your trip.

If you are planning to spend more than a night in the wild, the need for food preparations in imminent. Moreover, if you are indeed going camping as a way to detox, then opting for healthy eating options is something that needs to be on your list.

Even though the thought of eating healthy may immediately lead you to think of long hours spent in the kitchen with perishable items, there are ways to work around them so that you can have delicious, healthy meals that help supplement your detox and time that you spend in the midst of the beauty of nature.

Plan Ahead

eating healthy in camping
Let’s face it; no one wants to have something that they don’t like while they are out on their getaway. Have a couple of things that you think would like to eat on your trip? Note it down and make sure that it is something that is simple, healthy and most importantly, delicious. Two or three days before your trip, make a trip to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients for the things that you would like to make and carry along.

If you are buying the items for a large group of people, be sure to take into account the number of individuals coming along with you and buy your food items accordingly. A good tip is to always pack a little extra in the case of an emergency or if anyone would like to eat some more during the trip. Don’t forget to carry along all your cooking equipment with you, cooking oil and some plates and cutlery

The Cooler Best Friend

cooler with wheelsIf you have the option of taking a vehicle along with you, a cooler will do wonders for your healthy eating options on the trip. A cooler is great because it increases a number of options that you can have when it comes to food since it helps keep the food fresher, for longer. Items like fruits, vegetables, poultry, can easily be stored in these, and are great if you are going on a trip for more than three days.

You can also make a few meals at home and heat them at your camping site, provided that they are appropriately stored in the cooler. Another good tip is to freeze bottles of water and other drinks a few days before so that they can act as additional cooling in your cooler, keeping your food fresher.

For The Backpackers

If you are backpacking your way through your camping trip, carrying a cooler along with you might not be an option, since they tend to be heavy and bulky. A good alternative then is to bring ingredients with you that do not need to be kept refrigerated.

Fruits and vegetables are your best friends here and can be extremely healthy without having to worry about them perishing away quickly. Eggs are also a healthy option for those who can’t carry a cooler, but remember that they need to be kept in a proper padded egg container to prevent it from breaking. Grains like rice are also a good option since they need to be kept dry, and are easy to cook. Dehydrated foods and ready to eat mixes like oats and soups can also be a healthy option on a camping trip.

Mix It Up

Camping is the best time to get creative with your food and experiment in different ways. Adding different flavors can go a long way into making your food delicious and different, even if it is using the same base ingredients.

Carry a few flavor packets like Tex-Mex along with you to add to your food, because no one said that healthy food could not be delicious. You can use the same base ingredients to cook a variety of different dishes, all you need is a mix of tastemakers.

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