The 5 Best Portable Propane Generator For Home Use

Best Propane GeneratorA generator is always a good tool to have with you if you are someone who lives in a disaster prone area. Because of the threats that one can experience as a result of these situations, having a source of power that one can turn to becomes incredibly beneficial. If you are looking to stay well prepared during these instances, getting a propane generator is the best solution that you can turn to. However, you don’t want to get just about any generator, you should always try to get the very best generator for your needs.

Because of the numerous things that we use that need power, electricity has become a necessity that we absolutely cannot live without. In instances wherein the power goes out, having a generator on you means that you can properly power up all the things that you need without having to really worry.

Propane generators, in general, are regarded as the better option for those in disaster-prone areas because they are more affordable and easier to find. If you have decided to go in for a generator, there are numerous options on the market that can work well for you.

However, this large selection can sometimes make this entire process rather overwhelming. Here is all that you need to know when going in for a propane generator, complete with suggestions and tips that you can implement when using one.

List of 5 Top Rated Propane Generators

A propane generator is a significantly large purchase and something that you should be paying an incredible amount of close attention to. No matter what you need your propane generator for, you should always consider going in for one of the best options, especially if you plan to use this for a long period of time. Here are the top five propane generators that are currently being sold in the market:

1. Sportsman GEN4000LP

The Sportsman GEN4000LP is widely considered to be one of the best propane generators on the market and is a product that has been reviving an incredible amount of positive reviews.

The generator is not only known for being efficient but is also known for being an environmentally friendly option that one can opt for. If you are considering going in for a new propane generator, this is one of the options that you can go in for.

The run time is also something noting with this kind of generator. The generator is known for having a total run time of ten hours when on half its load capacity which also makes it one of the better options on the market for those looking out for a generator that can run for a long time without losing power.

Safety is always a major concern when using any kind of generator which is why getting a generator with good safety features is always advised. The Sportsman GEN4000LP has received excellent reviews for its safety features and is known for being one of the better options for those looking for something that they don’t have to worry about.

The Sportsman GEN4000LP is equipped with a Recoil start and circuit protection to prevent any kind of mishaps from taking place. The product is also equipped with an auto fuel shut off safety valve that takes care of any low fuel problems that may arise.

The Auto low oil shut down feature is just an added layer of protection in the event where the generator starts to run out of fuel.

The power offered by the generator is nothing to be trifled with, especially because of how much it can deliver on a limited amount of fuel. The generator is equipped with two 120 AC outlets and one 12V DC outlet.

  • Long Run Time
  • Good Safety Features
  • Low Oil Shut Down
  • Bulky
  • Propane Tank Not Included

2. Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

One of the more common uses for a propane generator is for the purpose of supplying an RV with power. This is especially true for those who regularly travel from place to place and go on camping trips with their RV.

For individuals looking for a propane generator for this purpose, the Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator is a good option to go in for. This propane generator can be used for a variety of purposes but is particularly good for RVs.

One of the first features that the Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator is known for is the ability to run on two types of fuel. People often encounter situations wherein they don’t have access to propane gas, especially when out on camping trips or crossing state lines.

In these instances, being able to use an alternative kind of fuel is always beneficial, and might just be what you need. For those looking out for a dual fuel propane generator, this is the perfect option to go in for.

The generator boasts of an incredible wattage and starts off at 4750 watts and stays at 3800 watts while running. The run time of the generator is around nine hours when 20lb of propane is being used to power it.

The engine of the tank, in particular, is incredibly efficient and something worth noting. The usability of a generator is also something to be accounted for.

The Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator is one of the few generators that are incredibly easy to operate, even for those who have never used a propane generator before.

  • Dual Fuel Feature
  • Good Power Output
  • Limited Warranty
  • Can Face Run-Time Problems After Prolonged Use

3. Westinghouse WGen3600DF

The Westinghouse WGen3600DF is another option for those who want a fuel Fuel Generator but don’t want something that is too complicated to use. The generator is known for operating on a high-performance level and is something that can run incredibly efficiently, even when not on full capacity.

The four gallon fuel tank is especially beneficial for those who want to have a higher amount of power and who also want something that is portable. The electric push button is also something that enables easier use of the generator, which is great for those who are using this for the first time.

The user interface is one of the bigger reasons why the generator has gained prominence for being what it is. The generator has an intuitive control panel that can easily help you adjust the settings of your generator to choose what works for you the best.

It also does have a few preset controls that enable you to set the levels on the generator depending on the kind of device that you are planning to power.

The engine is also something that must be looked at when buying any kind of generator and the engine of the Westinghouse WGen3600DF in particular is something worth noting. The Westinghouse WGen3600DF has a 212cc Westinghouse 4 Stroke OHV Engine, making the entire generator incredibly powerful.

The Westinghouse WGen3600DF does also have a few safety features to make it more efficient. The generator has a specialized shut off mechanism that turns off the generator whenever it detects that there is low oil in the tank. The generator is also incredibly easy to put together, making this generator all around more efficient to use.

  • Easy User Interface
  • Good Design
  • Not Very Fuel Efficient
  • Limited Warranty

4. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Another product from Champion, this one a slightly different and upgraded version as compared to the previous product from this brand. The generator functions as a dual fuel unit which means that one can easily use this generator with any kind of fuel.

The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator is particularly known for having an efficient tank that can hold a considerable amount of oil. This also enables the generator to have a longer run time and helps it power up devices and utilities for significantly longer.

The Dual Fuel RV Ready portable inverter generator can run for around 7.5 hours on a full tank of gas when it is not on full load.

The generator is meant to be quick to start, and therefore has an easy start mechanism that enables you to power on the generator with a flick of a switch.

It has a control panel that has a range of buttons that enable you to change up the settings within the generator. However, this makes the generator significantly more complex to use and can be overwhelming for anyone who is using a generator for the very first time.

The generator from Champion is also designed to be a quieter option as compared to traditional generators. Normally, generators produce an incredibly loud sound which is hard to ignore.

This can sometimes be incredibly blaring and can affect the people who are in close proximity of a generator. This holds true especially for those carrying this generator long for camping and road trips. The generator has a operation level of 59 dB and has a frequency range of 60Hz

  • Long Run Time
  • Bigger Tank
  • Not User-Friendly
  • Harder To Assemble

5. Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

The Firman H03651 is the perfect option for those who want a generator that is easy to use, efficient and which goes the extra mile to be environmentally friendly. This generator is considered to be one of the best when it comes to greener options and has received its certification from the CARB and cETL.

It is marketed as a product that is ‘ready for task’ and rightly so because of how easily it can power up a certain device and take care of its power supply. The generator is known for being a hybrid dual fuel generator because it can be used with two different kinds of fuel. This means that you don’t have to always rely on having propane fuel to be able to run this kind of generator.

The Firman H03651 is particularly good for those who are on the move and who want to take the generator along with them. The generator is brilliant for those who want to take it outdoors and go camping along with a good generator that can be by their side.

The run time of this generator is also worth noting and one of the reasons why this is one of the more popular options on the market. The generator runs for around 15 hours on just a five-gallon time, making this incredibly fuel efficient.

The generator also comes with a few additional accessories like a 5.5ft LPG Regulator Hose to make operating the generator significantly easier.

  • Easy Start Up
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Tank Not Included
  • Heavy And Bulky

Understanding Propane Generators

If you are on the market to buy a new generator, going in for the options that we mentioned is always the best way to get your money’s worth. However, not every propane generator is going to be right for your needs. Because of this, it is important to understand the intricacies of a generator and also the different things that you need to consider before making this kind of purchase.

Why Choose Propane?

One of the first things that any prospective buyer must understand is why they are going in for a propane generator. Propane generators may seem like a good option, but understanding the intricacies behind its benefit is always essential to know if this is the right one for you. There are several reasons why people tend to choose this over other kinds of portable generators, and these can actually make a significant difference to those who plan to use the generator for a long period of time.

One of the first reasons why propane generators are considered to be good is because of the ability for use during disasters. Some people tend to buy a generator so that they can power certain parts of their home, while some buy generators to serve as an emergency backup power source in the event where their power goes down as a result of a natural disaster.

Whatever the reason, the fact still remains that a propane generator is better for those who want to prepare for these kinds of emergencies. Homeowners are now becoming more aware of the precautionary measures that they should be taking in order to better prepare for these instances, and having a propane generator is one of them.

The reason propane generators are better is because of the easier availability of this kind of fuel. Propane can be acquired even when gas pumps are not operational, which can be big for any kind of need during a disaster. The shelf life of propane fuel is also non-existent considering that propane fuel that is stored properly can be used forever.

The second reason why propane generators are better is because of the environmental impact that they can have. Propane is a fossil fuel and is therefore seen as a cleaner fuel. Propane gas tends to have a lowered amount of carbon monoxide within its composition. This means that it also releases lower amounts of carbon monoxide when it is being burned and converted to fuel.

Because of this, it is a healthier fuel that doesn’t cause much damage to the environment and the people around it. Propane fuel is also significantly safer to use when it comes to spills. Propane gas is usually stored in safe tanks that are sealed well and not able to spill out. Even when the tank is being filled, there is very little scope of it falling out, which means you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with these kinds of generators.

The third reason why people tend to choose propane generators is because of the lowered operating costs. Often, people in emergencies and who use generators on a regular basis have to incur exorbitant costs as a result of the rising costs of fuel and because of the external factors that need to be checked up on.

Propane generators are significantly easier to use and don’t require as much upkeep, making them significantly more economical as compared to other kinds of fuel based generators.

Are Propane Generators More Efficient?

The efficiency of propane generators is often something that people wonder about, especially because of the lowered costs of operation. There are several options for generators on the market, which is why it is important to note why this can be an efficient choice and why this is something that one should go in for.

The hard truth is that propane generators might not be the most efficient option in many regards. For one, they are not as efficient as gasoline or diesel because the fuels used in these tend to burn rate that is exhibited by these kinds of fuels. Propane based fuels tend to burn less as compared to the other options which is why it is not as ideal as one would like it to be.

There is of course the operational factor that comes into play when buying a generator, and this alone makes propane generators the better option. One of the biggest instances in which individuals tend to need propane generators is when they don’t have access to some kind of electricity to then power it up. This holds especially true for those living in areas that are prone to natural disasters often resulting in an electricity cut.

A propane generator doesn’t need to be connected to any kind of electrical power source, which means that you don’t have to rely on anything else other than the generator and the fuel in it. People who prepare for natural disasters always choose propane generators because of this factor, making it better over the other options.

One manner in which propane generators are significantly more efficient is with regards to the environment. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and aware of the impact that their actions can have on their surroundings and the future generators.

Generators can often cause serious harm to the environment and the people around, especially because of the strong fuel emissions that tend to arise from it. Having something cause this much harm is not always good, which is why trying to find an alternative for traditional fuel generators has become so important.

Propane generators are a green fuel that don’t cause as much harm. Their slow burn rate actually works to its advantage in this regard. Because of the slow burn rate, the emissions from it are also significantly less. Burning propane for one hour will release much less emissions as compared to diesel being burned for the same amount of time.

All of these attest to the fact that propane is indeed one of the better options for those who are on the lookout for a good generator that is efficient in a number of ways. The operational costs of a propane generator also contribute to the improved efficiency that this kind of generator provides.

The money that you spend on propane fuel is significantly less as compared to the amount that you would have to spend on other alternatives, which is why it is such an affordable option.

Are Propane Generators Good For Home Use?

Propane is increasingly becoming one of the go to options for those who are looking to buy a generator for a multitude of reasons. Even though there are several applications for propane generators, the one persistent question that prospective buyers tend to have is whether a propane generator is actually good for home use.

Because of how versatile the power output can be propane generators can be used for a variety of different things at home. These generators can be adjusted to give just the right amount of power that your home or a particular device needs, and are incredibly versatile when it comes to the different things that it can power. Overall, this is something that has wide application, making it perfect for homes.

Outdoor activities have never been easier, especially with the wide range of tools that one can implement with absolute ease. For example, having an outdoor barbeque has become easier than ever with the tools that you have.

Even though they might be easy to set up, they do require some kind of power to keep going. In instances like these, opting to use a propane generator is the right call, especially if you want to have good steady power that won’t’ burn out as easily.

Propane generators are widely regarded as the go to solution in the event of a natural disaster, which is when the home use of a propane generator comes into play. These generators wouldn’t be known as the best option in these events if it wasn’t for the benefit that it could provide a home.

In the event of a disaster, a propane generator is brilliant to give you some power within your home, giving you all you need to have some kind of light or utilities inside your home.

One of the bigger reasons why propane generators are considered to be ideal for home use is because of the safety that comes along with it. If you have ever bought liquid propane, you will notice that it always comes in a tank that is made up of some incredibly strong material.

The tank itself is sealed shut and there is no way to open it and look inside the tank. There usually is a small plug on the side that lets you connect the tube to the generator. Because of the manner in which this is stored, the propane can never spill out, even if there is a lot of force put onto it.

However, there are of course certain instances in which this propane can actually spill out, but the propane always evaporates immediately after being exposed. This means that you don’t have to ever worry about having spilled propane on your floor or near your generator.
The lifespan of propane also stands as one of the reasons why it can be good for home use.

People who depend on their generators on a regular basis tend to have a lot of fuel stored at home that they can use on the go. Because of how much is usually needed, people tend to buy these in bulk because they can get it at cheaper rates.

The good thing about propane is that it never goes bad, or stale or in a state where it cannot be used. Propane lasts forever which means homeowners can easily store this fuel without worry.

Propane Generator Buying Guide

If you are still on the fence about which of the generator options to go in for, you probably have a lot of considering to do. Because of how essential a generator can be, it is important to always find a product that is good and meets the strong requirements that you might have. Here are some things to consider when going in for a new propane generator:

Your Wattage Needs

One of the first things that you need to account for when making your purchase is the amount of power that you need. Different things in your home tend to have different power requirements, and understanding this well is essential to be able to power them properly. Scan the parts of your home that you want to power as well as the devices and appliances that you need the power for and check their wattage requirements to know how much you really need.

Your Budget

The amount that you are willing to spend on a generator is always something that you should take into consideration when going in for a new generator. Generators can significantly vary in terms of their price, and finding the right range that works for you is important.

Special Features

There are numerous special features that are offered with a propane generator and these can significantly improve the overall efficiency of the product. These features can however add or subtract to the overall efficiency, utility and price of the generator.

When going through products, scan the features that they offer and see if it really is something that you need. Only go in for an additional feature generator if you really need the added value.

Preferred Type Of Generator

The type of generator that you are considering is important to help you understand what product fits your needs. There are two main types of generators, which are stationary and portable. Stationary generators tend to be good for home uses, but can’t be moved about owning to their big size and heaviness. Portable generators on the other hand are brilliant to carry with you, and are especially great for those who like to go camping and need to carry along a generator with them.


The things that you are going to be using the generator for should be taken into consideration, especially when you are planning on buying a generator for one specific use. In these instances, getting a generator that enables you to power that part of your home or that particular device is important and something that you should account for.

Noise Levels

Generators are known for the loud noises that they tend to make. The noise produced in this is something that can be rather jarring and annoying for anyone who has to listen to this for a long period of time. Generators tend to have different noise levels depending on their make and the kind of engine that they have, and this is something that can significantly impact the overall appeal of using a generator at home.

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