7 Tips to Make Generator Produce Less Noise for Camping

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The thrill of camping is always about going and exploring a new place, and there are multiple things that one needs to prepare for before they set on out to embark on their adventure. Your food, accommodation, and living must all be taken care of before you set on your journey, and these are things that every person must take into account.

One of the essentials that a person must pay attention to while they are planning their trip is the kind of generator that they are going to use. A generator is a device that acts as a power source for your various needs like lighting, gadgets or just about anything that would need the power to run.

A generator can also be used to restore power to devices that you would need during your trip out camping. Because of the various uses of a generator and the various ways in which you could improve your stay, it is essential to get something that works well and fits all of your requirements.

While these are relatively easy to carry out, one of the more pressing issues that people tend to face with regards to this is the sound that it makes.

Why Your Generator is Louder Than Usual?

Generators are known to be loud because of the noise that it makes during its processes. These can be relatively hard to deal with, especially for those who want to experience a nice and quiet camping environment. These could be the reasons:

You Don’t Have Soundproofing

Soundproofing is known for being one of the best ways to reduce the noise that a generator makes. Normally, people who want to reduce the amount of sound the generator makes tend to put this device in a box that is made of a material that can trap the sound. This can help minimize any noise that occurs, giving you a quieter camping environment.

It Is Too Close To Your Tent

While keeping your generator close to you is a good way to ensure that nothing goes wrong with it, keeping it too close to you will give you a louder noise than what you would expect. If you want to minimize the amount of sound your generator makes, consider keeping it a little away from your tent, especially when you want to sleep in them at night.

It Produces More Energy

Another reason why your generator might be louder is that of the amount of energy that it produces. Devices that produce more energy tend to be louder than others, while those that produce less energy tend to be softer. This is not exactly something that you can control, but if you do want a generator that is softer, consider changing up your high-power generator for a smaller one.

It Is Using Old Technology

Newer generators that are being produced on the market are designed in a way that enables them to produce higher amounts of power without making too much of a noise. If your generator is producing a lot more sound than usual, the chances are that your device is incredibly old and is in need of replacing.

How To Make A Generator Quieter On Your Camping Trip

Now that you are aware of all of the reasons why your generator could be producing the loud sound that it does, we can move on to the next segment of this article, which is about what one can do to make the generator quieter. Here are some tips that you can implement to go about this process.

Soundproof It

While not having a soundproofed generator box is one of the reasons why it is producing a louder sound, the most logical thing to make it softer is by installing a soundproofing box. This can either be for the core shell of the generator or a separate enclosure that traps the sound inside.

Build A Box

Soundproofing is not the only way to reduce the sound that is made by a generator. Simply putting it into a box that isn’t necessarily soundproofed can make keep the sound within its walls, thereby reducing the noise that goes out.

Place Pipes In A Vertical Position

Campers may not realize that the enormous difference the position of the pipes has on the sound that is produced by the generator. Doing something as simple as placing the pipes of a generator in a vertical position over a horizontal position can reduce the sound that is produced. When sound waves travel upward, they tend to be less dense as compared to when they are being thrown outward. Check out the video below if you want to know how it can be done!

Replace The Muffler

The muffler of a generator is the one thing that can work to reduce the amount of sound that your generator makes. Often, a generator produces a larger sound because the muffler is not functioning well. Check this and make sure that it is performing well to reduce the sound that it produces.

Invest In A Baffle Box

A baffle box is an enclosed space that a generator can be placed in to reduce the sound that it produces. It is something that you can construct yourself or buy from a professional store. It is also something that can help protect your device from any kind of damage that can happen.

Keep Your Device Away From Your Tent

This was also a point that we covered earlier. One of the reasons why a generator may seem loud is because it is kept too close to your tent. If you want to reduce the sound that is produced, try keeping your device slightly away from your tent, and you will have a somewhat more pleasant experience during your camping trip.

Purchase A Quieter Generator

If your generator is old and needs upgrades, investing in a new one that is quieter and works better is never a bad option when trying to get something that you will be using for an extended period. You may want to check out our review for a good generator.

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