5 Reasons Kitchen Faucet Have Low Water Pressure

low water pressureThe kitchen faucet is one of the best upgrades one could make to their homes, and it improves the rate at which water is delivered. You can check here to read our review of top rated kitchen faucets.

The kitchen faucet is a state of the art invention, and with all the numerous accessories, it has become a real staple in the homes of most people to improve the quality and flow of water.

However, sometimes the water pressure might be bad, and this could happen at virtually any point if you are using one. In this article, we are looking at some of the leading causes for the water pressure to drop and how you can ensure that this is rectified without having to call in a professional and save a couple of bucks.

Top 5 Things That Cause Low Water Pressure In A Kitchen Faucet

1. Line breaks

Occasionally, you might not have the desired water pressure, and this will not be in your hands. If the municipality is constantly working on the water supply lines, you will have weaker water pressure. This is often seen in areas where construction is very prominent. The only real way you can have this resolved is to wait it out, and once they are finished, your water pressure will be restored to normal.

2. Clogged aerator

Dust or even dirt in the water can easily be trapped in the aerator, and this might cause it to be clogged. Your water pressure will not be lower, but the rate at which you get the water will be lower, and this could cause some problems. Limescale can also be one of the main things that will be trapped in the aerator, and you will need to fix this.

By removing the aerator body and unscrewing each of the components, you are likely to see any buildup or debris. To help you get rid of this, you can quickly soak the parts in vinegar water as this will remove most of the debris.

3. Clogged cartridge

The cartridge can generally be used to regulate the water flow in most common faucets. However, it is also designed to be replaced after a while. If you have some problems with water flow, it might even be related to the cartridge, and this can be clogged. By removing the cartridge, you can easily see if any debris has been caught up and this needs to be removed to restore the water flow. Over time, you might need to replace the cartridge as well completely.

4. Pipe Leakages

Once all of these key components close to the faucet have been taken care off or replaced, you might need to look elsewhere. Having leakages in your water pipes might also lead to low water pressure, and this is one of the most frustrating things to fix. While it can be done, it might be better to have a professional plumber assist you, as this will ensure everything is done the first time correctly.

5. Shut-off valve

If the shut-off valve near the water meter has been tampered with, you might also experience low water pressure in your faucet. By manipulating the valve, you can regulate the water pressure to meet your own needs and accommodate your household. It is mostly recommended that you keep the shut-off valve out of the eye of people as they may tamper with it for the fun of it, causing you to go into a panic over nothing.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, low water pressure is no real reason to be concerned, and the problem can easily be fixed. These are the leading causes of low water pressure in kitchen and bathroom faucets, and you should check for them first.

While you might have basic plumbing skills, the professionals will know a little more than you do when it comes to water pressure. If you have checked all of the other things, we have mentioned, and your water pressure is still low, it might be better to call a professional for assistance. Often you might even have them save you from aggravated problems as occasionally pipes can be blocked on the inside, and they will eventually burst.

It will be advised to have a professional assist you and ensure that everything is working as they should. While this may cost you, it could also save you precious time.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on low water pressure in kitchen faucets. Let us know in the comment section if you have any other reasons why the faucet may have bad water pressure.

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