Best Dual Fuel Generator in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best dual fuel generatorPower is one of the main things needed in today’s day and age with the host of gadgets and appliances we need to run our everyday lives. We are living in the age where we are so dependent on this, which is why a backup generator is almost a necessity in our lives.

Having a portable generator is one of the best things considering that it can provide you with power on the go. To make it easy for you to narrow down on your options when picking up a generator, we have put together a list of the best dual fuel generator options so that you can be in possession of a generator that is not only handy but also performs its functions extremely well.

Best Dual Fuel Generator in 2017

Dual Fuel GeneratorWattageItem Weight 
Champion Power Equipment 765333800 watts122 lbs
Duromax XP4850EH3850 watts130 lbs
Champion Power Equipment 1001657500 watts218 lbs
DuroMax XP10000EH8000 watts265 lbs
DuroMax XP4400EH3500 watts128 lbs
Pulsar PG4500B4000 watts106 lbs
Sportsman GEN4000DF3500 watts94 lbs
Sportsman GEN7500DF6000 watts135 lbs
Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB6500 watts180 lbs
Champion Power Equipment 715317500 watts235 lbs

1. Champion Power Equipment 76533

Starting up our list of dual fuel generators is the Champion Power Equipment. The product is efficient and is one of the best selling dual fuel generators on the market today. The entire product is designed to do exactly what a generator does, and does it well indeed. For starters, the product runs on gas or propane. The item is in our medium budget range of dual fuel generators. The generator can run for up to nine hours on a full tank and is set at 4750 watts. However, while running the generator it usually gives out around 3800 watts. The tank can store up to 20lb of propane. The engine of this product is one of the main reasons why people go in for the Champion Power Equipment 76533.

The engine of this product is one of the most powerful out there, and starts up quickly and does not require much effort. The engine is extremely reliable and is set at 224 ccs. The start-up of the device is so easy and straightforward that all one needs to do is push a button, and voila! You are ready to go. The product comes with multiple outlets, so that no matter what the device that you need to power up, you will be able to with the Champion Power Equipment 76533 (3800 Watt) Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator. The outlets also have a Volt Guard so that you can safeguard your appliances from getting power shock. The entire product comes with a brilliant three-year warranty, so you can be assured that you get something that is high quality and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • User friendly
  • Quick startup
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Heavy in weight

2. Duromax XP4850EH

Number two on our list of generators is this highly efficient product from Duromax. The generator is ideal for heavy duty power consumption and is built mainly for that purpose. The generator is powered by a 7 HP air cooled engine, so it runs extremely efficiently as compared to other generators. The product is slightly cheaper than our previous model, Champion Power Equipment 76533. The Duromax XP4850EH has two outputs, one being a rated AC output, and the other being a Max AC output. The rated AC outputs give out a total of 3850 watts, while the Max AC Output puts out almost a thousand more watts than that. The product also has a start switch and powers it up pretty quickly as compared to other products in this category. It also has numerous other kinds of switches and lights to help you monitor the other aspects of the product.

An oil warning light and voltmeter are part of the product, to help you know when to fill up more oil, and to know how much voltage the product is giving out at that particular time. One of the more iconic things about this generator is that it has actually been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. So if you plan on taking this outdoors or while you are camping, you can use this product, even in the midst of national parks. The product has wheels so that you can carry it around without any hassles.

  • Portable
  • EPA approved
  • Has only two outputs
  • Assembly might be a little harder than other generators

3. Champion Power Equipment 100165

The Champion Power is number three on our list and is one of the more expensive products on our list. This product is priced at the higher range but is definitely a worthy investment. If you are looking for something that is a long term, and which will last you a good number of years, this is the product to go in for. For starters, this product comes assembled, making it easier to use right as you open the box it comes in. It runs only on gas or propane, and not any other kind of fuel. The Champion Power Equipment has one of the higher power voltages, starting at around 9375 watts. The generator can run for a total of eight hours when it is on a full tank of gas, and for up to five hours on a propane tank that has roughly around twenty lbs of fuel.

This dual fuel generator is one of the most reliable ones on the market and has an electric start that runs on regular batteries. The button makes it, so you don’t have to wait for an extended period of time before you actually start receiving your power. This dual fuel generator comes with a three-year warranty, so you can be assured for at least that period, if anything goes wrong, you are entitled to get a replacement or repair. The Champion Power Equipment 100165 comes with multiple outlets which all have a volt guard to prevent your appliances from short circuiting, which makes them extremely safe to use.

  • Portable because of wheels
  • Longer life span
  • High price
  • Larger in size

4. DuroMax XP10000EH

The DuroMax XP10000EH is next on our list and is an excellent option for those who have a larger budget to work with. The product is running entirely on regular gasoline or liquid propane. The generator is incredibly powerful and has an extremely high wattage output, which makes powering large appliances a lot easier. The generator is also extremely multi functional since it can be used to both power large home appliances and small ones as well. The product is easy to carry around since it comes with wheels and is easy to use. The product is also a little lighter than standard generators, which makes taking it on your camping trips a lot easier.

The product also allows the user to get the best out of every use, considering that you can choose if you want to use it at 120 volts or 240 volts. The voltage can be changed as you wish, and can also be used simultaneously to power up various appliances. The DuroMax XP10000EH is equipped with low oil protection so that you know when your generator is about to run out. The product also comes with AC and DC regulators, which means the product will not malfunction and is extremely safe to use at home. The electrical start button also makes powering the generator incredibly easy and quick.

  • Incredibly powerful
  • Multiple output sources
  • Expensive
  • No light indicators

5. DuroMax XP4400EH

Also from DuroMax, this is the cheaper alternative to the previous generator that we mentioned earlier. The product is priced lower than DuroMax XP10000EH and is a great budget buy if you are looking for something that does not put too much of a dent in your pocket. The rated AC output of this generator is around 3500 watts, and the max ac output if at around 4400 watts. The voltage output of this generator can be easily changed, depending on how much you need and the device that you are looking to power up. This product also has three outlets which are also guarded by a voltage lock so that you can always be safe while using it. Users have regarded this as a great product that has served their needs well. However, because of certain regulations, this product cannot be sold or owned by anyone in the state of California.

The device runs entirely on either gasoline or propane, which makes powering up the device extremely convenient. The product powers up with the help of an electrical switch, and also comes with a voltmeter so that you can monitor the amount of power the generator is using. The device also comes equipped with a circuit breaker, to prevent any mishaps from happening. The generator has an incredibly long run time, of over twenty hours when the tank is full with propane, and around eight hours when it is full of gasoline. The device, however, is not very efficient when it comes to running multiple large appliances together, and can maximum run something like a microwave and a hair dryer together. The device is also only suitable when used in absolutely dry places, making it harder to use if you are planning to go outdoors or if you live in a region that sees constant rain. However, the device does come with wheels, so if you know you can keep it dry, it makes for a good carry around generator.

  • Budget
  • Small in size
  • Not permitted to use in the state of California
  • Highly susceptible to damage from water

6. Pulsar PG4500B

Number six on our list of dual fuel generators in the Pulsar PG. The product is known for being one of the most portable among all the ones mentioned on this list. The generator is brilliant for those looking for a generator to take with them on the go. The device comes with a single OHV single cylinder and works on air cooling, which is another positive if you plan to make this generator on a trip with you.

The product has two outlets, one being a 30A RV outlet, and the other being a 120V twist lock outlet. However, the product does have three variations, with generators of a slightly higher voltage also being available with all the same features. Taking into consideration the devices that you are going to be using with this generator, one can pick between the 10000 Watt, 7500 Watt or 4500 Watt generator.

  • Budget
  • Portable
  • No indicator
  • Long startup time

7. Sportsman GEN4000DF

This is one of the few two piece generators on the market that perform as well as the other kinds mentioned here. This particular generator is one of the most powerful of its kind currently on the market. These generators are brilliant for those who don’t mind something that is old school but also want a product that will suit all their household needs. Because of the way this generator is designed, it is not exactly portable and may need to be stored in just one place since it needs to have the cylinder attached at all times. The product is a good for household use and can power most power dependent devices. The Sportsman GEN has a good power output and runs on around 2500 Watts.

It has four outlets, which can be used depending upon what you are powering at that given moment. The product also comes equipped with a regulator hose kit so that you don’t have to go looking for it elsewhere. This particular model is also EPA approved and can be taken outside if you wish, although it may be harder than most generators. The generator runs either on propane or gasoline and runs for a total of ten hours on a full tank at fifty percent load. It is extremely efficient in its power consumption and comes with a one year warranty in case anything goes wrong or the device malfunctions. The device is equipped with a voltage meter so that you can see how much voltage your device is being powered with.

  • Budget friendly
  • Old school efficiency
  • Not portable
  • No indicators on the tank if running low on gas

8. Sportsman GEN7500DF

Here is another one from Sportsman. The GEN7500DF is more portable and modern version of a dual gas generator. The product is considered in our more expensive price range. The product has received excellent reviews from people all over the country for being as efficient as it is, in spite of its small size. The entire generator has a runtime of around nine hours, in a six-gallon tank of gas. It also has an electrical start putting, which makes powering it up a lot easier. The generator also automatically shuts down when it is low on oil, which acts as an indicator to inform you when you need to refuel the tank with gas.

The Sportsman GEN7500DF is equipped with four outlets, each having 120V AC outlets. The generator also has one outlet which is a 1200RV, a 120.240V outlet and also one 12V DC outlet in case you want to charge up the battery. This model is also EPA Approved, which means that you can indeed take it outdoors and use it to power up devices on your camping trips.

  • Portable
  • Multiple Outlets
  • Automatic shutdown, which can be a hassle sometimes
  • No light indicators

9. Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB

At number nine on our list of dual fuel generators, we have the Smarter Tools ST, which is one of the most sought after portable power generators on the market. Based on the product’s price, we put it in our higher range category, but is a worthy investment considering all the features that it brings along with it. For starters, the generator starts off at 7500 Watts and then goes on to 6500 Watts as the usage goes on. The device has an electric start button, which makes powering up the generator a lot more efficient and quick. The generator has a 12V 17Ah battery, which comes along with the product when you buy it.

The entire generator runs for a total of nine hours on a six-gallon tank of gasoline when the generator is running at a total of fifty percent load. The device is also EPA AND CARB approved, indicating that it is safe to use outdoors and on your camping trips. The device is so strong that it can easily power up multiple devices all at once. The Smarter Tools ST can run on either gasoline or propane but must be switched before use using the buttons on the generator. The device comes with wheels and comes assembled so that you can immediately unpack it and use it on the go.

  • Portable
  • Ideal for the outdoors
  • Fewer output ports
  • Consumes more fuel than other generators

10. Champion Power Equipment 71531

The tenth and final product on our list is a brilliant product from Champion Power Equipment and is one of the more newer models from the ones that we have mentioned on this list. The generator is a brilliant purchase for those who are looking out for something long term that will suit their needs. The generator powers up at 9375 Watts, and goes down to approximately 7500 Watts. The Champion Power Equipment generator comes with four outputs of 120V, one of the 120/240V and one 120V outlet.

The engine of this generator is one of the main reasons why people go in for this product. It is one of the most powerful on the market today, and runs on either propane or gasoline, just like all the other generators mentioned on this list. The product is also CARB approved, and can be used outdoors, and also in the state of California. The generator runs for a total of nine hours on an entire tank of gas, which is roughly around five gallons. The engine oil does come included when you buy the generator so that you can take better care of your device. The generator comes with a two-year warranty in case anything goes wrong with the product, even though it is highly unlikely that anything will.

  • Many output ports
  • CARB approved
  • Heavier than most generators
  • Not as energy efficient

Dual Fuel Generator Buyers Guide

People tend to go in for dual fuel generators because of the host of positives that come along with it. Before going in for a particular product, one must first understand what all their different needs are, and then go ahead with a product that will suit those needs. Different generators can have different power voltages, which may or may not run certain devices depending on what it is you need it for. All of the products that we have mentioned on this list are available on Amazon and other popular marketplaces online. Their prices may vary depending upon whether or not you want it to come fully assembled, and the region that you live in. Because of certain laws related to power consumption, the state of California does not allow conventional generators, which is why if you are coming from the state of California, be sure to check if the product is CPA and CARB approved. We have not forgotten about those coming from this place, and have therefore tried to include options that are up to par with those standards.

Fuel generators, which do not need electricity to run, are ready to go on simple petrol or gasoline. This is extremely useful especially if you are out and about and need a good source of power on the go. However, one needs to take into consideration whether or not the generators that they are buying are compatible with the outdoors or not. Individual generators may malfunction if come in contact with water, and this also applies to generators running in snowy or moisture heavy regions. Be sure to check if the generator is suitable for the weather that your state or city usually sees, and pick one that is by those needs.

Duel Fuel generators are even better since you aren’t just limited to one type of fuel to run them. This makes powering them up incredibly easy, and convenient so that you don’t have to look extensively for fuels to power up your generator. Most generators do in fact work on gas and propane, which are both natural fuels that are easy to come by. However, depending on the type of gas that is used, certain generators may run better or sometimes even longer. While picking a generator, be sure to check the run time depending upon the type of gas that is used, and choose it according to the kind of gas you plan to use more.

The budget is one of the most important aspects of buying a generator but does not mean that you can disregard all the other aspects and features that you get from purchasing this kind of equipment. Cheaper options are good for a smaller budget, but may not run as well and for as long as the more expensive options mentioned here. We have also tried to cover every kind of budget there is so that you have an abundance of choices to choose from depending on how much money you have set aside for this purchase.

You may want to watch the video below on how to start up a dual fuel generator.

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